I have been using for the past 2 years and with a 10GB file hosting service. The reason for me to choose to host my blog at my own file hosting site is because I want to have a better (or rather full) control over what I want to do with my blog, including the design.

During the first sign up, I remember the cost was quite cheap even for a 10GB plan, the cheap price made me decide to pick it up and host it myself.

Last year, it was the first time I got to renew the domain name and hosting service. I was shocked when I look at the bill, it was costing me RM300 for a year. RM300 is not cheap anymore and most importantly the traffic to my blog site isn’t good enough for me to cover the RM300. I did think of terminating the file hosting  but just remain the domain name. I was quite busy at that time, so I have decided to just pay the sum and get the hassle free.

Now it’s time for me to renew the domain name and file hosting service again. No promotion, no escape, it is RM300 again. Come to think of it again, why do I need to pay for it with the reasons below?

1. No high traffic to cover the cost
2. I don’t need 10GB for my files and photos.
3. Perhaps nobody cares about the site?

So this year onwards, I will move to a free blog hosting site which is and point the to No harm, right? Since is still pointing to a valid and live site. 🙂

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