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Problems with a Jailbroken iPhone

People keep asking me why do I want to unjailbreak my phone and bring it back to the original iOS 6.1.

The intention for me to jail break an iphone is to install tweaks and free paid apps (cracked apps) and I think this is also the intention of all those who jail break their iphones.

Before going to the disadvantage of jail breaking, let me tell you, you can still install cracked apps into your iphone by using PP Zhu Shou (助手). YES, you heard me? WITHOUT jail breaking and you can install cracked apps, so you have to "update" your mindset now. Jail broken an iPhone doesn’t mean you can always get all the apps free.

Now let me list out the disadvantage after jail breaking:
1. You can’t do a remote erase in case your iphone is stolen or missing.
2. You can’t do over-the-air update of your iOS. You can only use back the traditional method which is via iTunes.
3. Not all the tweaks from Cydia are stable. Most of them slow down your system and make it unstable.
4. Most of the good / useful tweaks from Cydia are NOT FREE, you still need to pay for it.
5. With the shutdown of installous and Hackulous, the so called replacement is "iFanBox" (China made apps).
6. Can hardly download apps from iFanBox and PP助手, the connection is super slow.

1. Remote Erase
Touch wood, you don’t need to use this function day in day out but it will become useful when your iphone is missing or get stolen. I believe you don’t want your friends and your personal data to be leaked out, right? Especially photos and contact numbers.

2. Update iOS over-the-air
Means you can upgrade your iOS version via the phone itself, you don’t need to plug into iTunes. Sound like a lot easier than those complicated steps by using iTunes, right? Which is true. You can’t do this anymore after jail breaking because they disable this ability (although you still see a red badge telling you there’s an update). It won’t work after you tap on the install update button.

3. Tweaks
Usually changing how the system performs or behaves will need more processing power and indirectly draining more battery and you will start to complain your phone running slow and battery usage is like drinking water.

4. Cydia Apps
A lot of useful and yet powerful apps from Cydia need to be paid as well such as mywi, my3g, icontrol (if you want to know what are these, please ask Google) and so on. You can still add other sources to download the cracked tweaks but some of them are not up-to-date and can’t use in your current iOS version or caused instability to your phone.

5. iFanBox is a china made apps and of course the primary language used in the apps is Chinese and most of the apps displayed to you are also in chinese version. If you know Chinese by all means go ahead to utilize your knowledge with the apps. Don’t forget that I can still use PP助手 to download and install illegal / cracked apps WITHOUT jail breaking.

6. I don’t know is it Malaysia’s network only or China purposely make it this way, it is super duper slow to download files from China. So same goes to when you want to download apps from iFanBox and PP助手. Means you can see but can’t use. Then I jailbreak for what? =.=

So what’s the point of jail breaking, can’t get things free but make your iphone suffer. 😦

I don’t know but all these depend on individual, if you like to make your iphone fancy, "powerful" and more unique perhaps so by all means go ahead to jail break. If you want something simple and nice, better stick to what Apple has done for you. No offense to jail break supporters. I was a fan of jail breaking but not now anymore as iOS progresses and updates, it is getting more and more user friendly and useful, although still can’t toggle some switches from the pull down notification center, at least Apple brings it out at the top and front page in the settings apps.

So the choice is still on your hands, use it wisely and enjoy the jail broken / original iOS. 🙂

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Sleep Early Again

Today marked the second last day of my long holiday and soon I am going back to the reality and face the cruel world. I know the day will definitely come to me soon that’s why I don’t want to go and think about it.

I should have started to sleep early since few days ago, slowly adjusting my sleeping time back to normal for working days. Therefore, I suppose to go clubbing tonight but I have decided not to go and sleep early. It sounded like kind of sad, right? But the reality is just around the corner to challenge me, so I better get myself prepare for it.

Hopefully by tomorrow I could sleep early without having insomnia again. Hmmm… to ensure this, why not I give myself a cup of nice red wine an hour before sleep? 🙂

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First Blogging from my Sony acro S

This is my first time blogging using my newly bought water resistance Sony Acro S from 38,000ft. Ya… Basically that’s because I have nothing to do in the flight.

The battery life is as bad as iPhone 4S and the charging is very slow. So compare against iPhone, it drain as fast as it but when it comes to charging it is a lot slower. I mean I dont mind if it drains fast as long as it recharge fast enough for me and continue to serve me as I go.

I understand that all smartphones are like this with the technology we have today but make at least make it charge back quickly.

The only good thing from this phone is the water resistance function. With this function I can have a difference in using a phone. I can use it to take photo in the water, pickup calls, composing text while showering. Haha… Something that you won’t do with other phones.

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Blogging in the Public

I know I know it has been a long time I didn’t update this blog again, I have been slacking off and tied up with my new job and house moving activities. You got to experience it so know how tiring is it to move from one house to the other with the packing and unpacking.

So in order not to further neglect my blog… I have decided to start writing again and this is my first time writing this blog entry from a public place. I always heard from bloggers they did this but to me this is my first time because I would feel more comfortable to blog at home rather in a public place. I know after writing the entry, it will be posted to the net for public to read but the feeling that counts.

Anyway, at the end I made it and I wonder did the people sat around me saw me composing the entry? Hahaha… Don’t care, I just want to keep this blog alive. 🙂

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Every Monday I also feel reluctant to wake up especially today because of the rain last night and my sneezing yesterday.

I wasn’t so tired yesterday but because of the sinus, I have sneezed for the whole afternoon til night. Now only I realize that sneezing can make my body tired.

Anyway, I had a goodnight sleep, didn’t wake up in the middle of the night at all. When it comes to the rainy morning, I felt so difficult to wake up.

Again, I am telling myself to sleep earlier again tonight and let’s see can this plan be executed or not. Haha…

Good morning the last Monday of August.

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iPhone, sick of it

I am a bit sick of my iPhone already. I know it is a premium phone, a phone which a lot of people are looking for and dying for (be it you take it or leave it, this is the fact, Android fan boys). Business usually use it as an attractive prize to draw people’s attention but after using it for 3 years, I feel a bit sick of it especially when it comes to battery life.

Let’s say I am using other phone, when the battery is dead I can always change the battery by taking it out and put in a fully charged one. For iPhone, good luck, you either look for a power point and stick yourself to the wall or bring a mobile charger that makes my life more complicated and more things to bring when I need to go out for a whole day activity. Furthermore, during the charge activity, you will feel the heat from your pocket. It will definitely make me uncomfortable.

People will start telling me don’t use it too frequent but hello… you are telling me buying a smartphone and not using it just to prolong the battery life? Sorry, this is stupid, might as well I go for a dumb phone? You are telling me after paying few thousands for such a “smartphone” and then I don’t use it frequently?

Anyway, I am not an iOS nor Apple fan, I am looking into Android phones now, as long as it serves me right, I will take it. I have had enough of keep “feeding” my phone and worrying it runs out of battery when I needed it most!

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Don’t judge a book from its cover

Don't judge a book from its cover

There are a lot of people who like to take this kind of photo, upload and start blaming people for not giving their seats to the needed one. Before you do this, try to think further and from all angle of views, don’t judge the scene from your narrow point of view only. You don’t know the whole story and might be wrong.

Don’t judge a book from its cover, by looking at this picture doesn’t mean that lady is wrong for not giving out the seat to the elder person. There are lots of possibilities in between, the old lady might have been refuse for the seat? She prefer to squad there (might be due to mental problem?)? The lady might be a disabled person, she herself can’t even stand properly?

I take public transport to work everyday and I have came across with this kind of situation, where someone gave out a seat but the old lady refuse to take it up. When the train reach the next station, new commuters came into the train started to take photo and blame the people around her.

So the moral of the story is stop being so kay poh unless you know the whole story from the beginning til end else what should you do?

Keep your mouth shut and stop complaining / blaming people as if you are the god who knows everything.

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Getting a WiMAX+3G or normal 3G Phone

I have my iPhone 4S as my primary phone and I am thinking to get a secondary phone now. So the secondary phone not necessary to be too high-end and expensive.

Recently Yes 4G has launched an outdated spec and yet overpriced not-so-smart phone. Although it is not the most updated Android phone, the WiMAX + 3G enabled features that attracted me.

I know that the future trend is going to be 4G LTE and not WiMAX but for all the Telcos to support that technology, it will take a while and I am estimating another 2 years time. For the time being Yes 4G’s data network is the fastest and most reliable one compare to the rest (not many users?).

Imagine that if you are using this WiMAX phone in a crowded area such as concert, I believe you have the experience where you see a full signal strength on your phone with 3G but you just can’t use it because everyone is hogging up the bandwidth and reached the max that the communication cell tower can support. With the current trend not many users are using WiMAX, so when 3G bandwidth overloaded, you can still send and receive data over WiMAX network.

So the contradicting points are here, the Yes Eclipse is an outdated phone and don’t even know can upgrade to the latest Android 4.0 ICS or not, even can but will it run smoothly? With the very limited coverage from Yes 4G, what if it always failed over to 3G network then it will become a waste of having this WiMAX phone because I can’t really utilize it all the time. If this really happens, I will be always using 3G network, might as well get a better, cheaper but higher spec phone such as Galaxy S3, HTC One X and more of other choices?

Friends told me to go for another solution, get a non-WiMAX phone, pair it with Yes huddle then I can enjoy the best things from both side of the world, bring the huddle to crowded places too. Hahahaha…. Good solution also, right? Most importantly, I am not always going to concert and crowded places like this. :p

Argh… I am in dilemma now… should I get a Samsung Galaxy S2 or Yes Eclipse.

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Why whatsapp is so yesterday?

When whatsapp is launched, everybody is talking about it and suddenly it became so popular and famous to an extend that in some companies, they use it to create a group chat to discuss things about work. At that time, whatsapp’s tagline was “SMS is so last century”, I agree with it but not now.

Today, I would say whatsapp is so yesterday and these are the reasons why:
1. There are only a few notification tones for users to choose.
2. Cannot set different tones for different sender.
3. Cannot “pre-download” messages.
4. No PC apps.

So my suggestion is to as below:
1. Let user upload and choose custom notification tones.
2. iOS already enable user to set custom notification tone for different sender.
3. iMessage already pre-downloading message.
4. LINE and facebook messenger apps already have a desktop version. It will be easier for users to chat via a normal computer keyboard than squeezing our fingers on the small touch screen. Just more convenient.
5. Some telcos support multi-sim ONE line, so you should allow us to have one number registered on 2 whatsapp on different devices.

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I think one of the recent this apps isn’t as famous as whatsapp or other messenger is because of the name.

For example people like to ask for contact number in a not-so-straight-forward way by asking whether can chat in whatsapp or not. When I come to this I will tell that fella I am using line or I only have line and even providing my ID. The frequent reply that I got is “yeah, I know you have line but if you don’t give me your number, how do I contact you” or “Contact number please else how to SMS you”. Stupid!

At first I don’t understand why they reply something not related. Later on only I found out that they actually thought the “line” I was saying here was referring to a PHONE LINE…. OMfG….

I cannot blame everyone for not knowing what it is but since those who are active in social network tools should know it. If you don’t know, please ask what is “line” and DO NOT ACT SMART!

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