Bad or Broken English?

Last time I keep seeing people post about some broken English messages and I thought they purposely write it up and do the posting until recently I have received a few of them then only I realize that this is real.

Let me share with you the incidents that I have gone through:

First case:

This message was sent by a property agent who was looking for houses for his/her customer. Seriously, after reading the message, I can only understand half of it and if I really want to sell my house, I will contact other agents instead.


Wrong spelling, tell me what is disturd?

Second case:

Hello there .!
I’m dani mix local kl .
Good news for u I’m provide real n pure massage skill,
If u really need for relaksing body and pain u body I can try the best
too u do massage .:-)

No for sex  !
If u want my service massage And more info text me here .if u don’t
want just leave this message .

Provide Massage tradisional mly skill and relaksing skill for whole
body one hours price ~rm80~
Outcall it’s charge for transport going u place ,depends charge from
my place go u area .
Cheers TQ…… 🙂

Not bad la… at least I can still understand his England but really powderful until I have to read a few times only can understand, maybe this is a technique to draw your attention?

I don’t want to pay to “pain” my body and “from my place go u area” … fuiyoh! I like this very much.

Third case:
Friend: Hi mind to be fren? R u play photography?
Me: I are play photography (someone taught me to reply in such an epic way also)
Friend: Pooh…great! Coz I am love into photography too.
Me: I am photography part time only (I am trying to reply in bad English)
Friend: Just le Fren.. I am just take photo as my hobby.

OK, I gave up chatting with him. I think I have something better to do than wasting time with this person.

Fourth case (the most epic one):

I thought my English was bad so I sent it out to my friends and see they can understand or not. After getting all the replies from my friends, the conclusion is no one could understand what is she/he trying to tell. Epic failed.

I understand that not everyone is good in their 2nd language (or even 3rd) but at least ask someone to draft it properly before broadcasting it to everyone. At least people can understand the first message that they receive and give the receiver a better impression on you.

Came across this news ( and I still cannot understand how memorizing words in English dictionary can help to achieve high score in English. Memorizing words from dictionary can only help you in improving your vocabulary but I wonder how it helps in grammar and constructing a proper sentence.

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New way of Instant Messaging System

I believe almost everyone who uses a computer should use an instant messenger before such as Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype, ICQ and etc. Not too long, just around 5 years ago, we always hooked on to the internet by using our PC (be it laptop or desktop) and fire up the instant messenger application and start chatting with friends. As long as you want to chat with friends, you need to sit in front of your PC, the chat information, history and chat room won’t follow where you go.



With the introduction of push technology, more and more applications started to use it to push messages to the receiver. So here comes the birth of iMessage, WhatsApp, Kik, LINE, Viber, Facebook Messenger and etc.



If you did use WhatsApp, Kik or Viber before, you will know that the concept of chatting with people is still the same, you are limited and forced to use your mobile device and squeeze your fingers on the small screen. When it comes to long hour chat, you will find that it is tiring and still found that using PC to chat is the fastest and most convenient way.

So the best is still a combination of both using mobile device and PC and even better if the chat history follows. Imagine that while you are chatting something important via PC and you need rush out, you don’t have to tell your friend you are going offline, just turn off your PC and fire up the apps in your smartphone. The chat will be resumed seamlessly, your friend might not even aware of it that you are not chatting via a mobile device.

iMessage has started to have a PC apps but it is still under beta and can only run in Mac OS. LINE also started to have a PC apps, it supports both Mac OS and Windows. For the time being Facebook Messenger PC apps is only for Windows 7 PC, not even for Mac or other Windows version (such as Win XP). Another advantage of having a PC version is for those who don’t own a smartphone can also send  messages to smartphones users for FREE by using a PC.

All these instant messaging system is like how we use sms to chat with each other, the differences are:
1. Send and receive messages are free
2. You can also share pictures, locations and so on.
3. Easier to coordinate things with a group of friends using the group chat feature
4. Non smartphone user can also participate in a group chat
5. Sometimes it is easier to compose messages via a normal physical keyboard 

Last but not least, all these instant messaging apps rely heavily on data connection, so make sure you sign up a data plan (for mobile). So…. happy texting. 

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From the title of this blog entry you might think that I sounded rude? If you do so, please notice the double “i” and take a minute to watch the youtube video first.

I know this pukii promotion and jokes have been around for quite sometimes but I still want to blog it out and share with you all.

It is actually an advertisement from a bank in Shanghai, China. I wonder do they know that it is a vulgar word and sounded rude in other Asia countries like Malaysia and Singapore?

Imagine that one day you come across this conversation, I will laugh non stop.
A: Have you done with your saving?
B: I put it in my pukii already.
A: You use your pukii to do saving ya.
B: Yes, my pukii is so cute. I love it.


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Public Bank is completely hopeless

I don’t understand why every time when I visit Public Bank they will sure ask me to go back to home branch. If things can only be settled with the home branch, then still open so many branches for what? The most funny thing is that even the Menara Public Bank (near KLCC), which is the main branch also can’t get my problem solved and ask me to go back to my home branch. This is ridiculous and stupid.

First, I found that after a long time didn’t login to the e-banking, the user id and password has been purged (according to the customer service) and I can’t activate it again with a phone call, need to walk in to the bank. So one fine day, I walked into a Public Bank branch that’s near to me. Taken the number and waited for a good 45 mins, the counter girl told me they can’t reactivate the e-banking account without a passbook, I need to bring it, she insisted. I don’t understand again, I have my IC with me, why can’t I use my IC to proof that I am the owner of the account, furthermore, IC got photo, passbook don’t have and IC is one of the most secure document in the world (as claimed by my beloved government).

Taken the passbook and went back to the bank, as usual waited for another hour and I have been told that I can only do this at my home branch, just can’t do it in any branch. Epic, I am requesting an e-banking account only and it took me so much hassles compare to other banks.

Now after taken my e-banking account, I happily login and found that my housing loan account wasn’t linked in the system. So I proceeded to the main branch where it is near to KLCC because it is near to my work place, I can’t afford to take leave just to settle this minor matter.

After taking all the efforts, walked all the way from KLCC to Menara Public Bank and sweat like hell, waited for another hour, they told me I can only make this request in my home branch. AGAIN! GO BACK TO YOUR HOME BRANCH. 

Another case from my friend, the address registered in his IC is in another state and he walked in to a branch in KL to open an account. Listen carefully, this is a new account (means new customer) coming in. Guess what? After looking at the address, the counter girl ask my friend to go back to his hometown in order to open an account.

I actually started to wonder, jobs in Public Bank should be pretty easy, right? Everything also you ask the customer to go back to the home branch. There must be a lot of good Tai Chi master working in Public Bank then. 

When you ask them why everything needs to go back to home branch and the super “STANDARD” answer is “this is an instruction from Bank Negara”. Muacks! I super like it, so next time when I don’t want to do certain things, I will tell you, this is an order from Bank Negara! Perfect!!!

I know I know I know, Public Bank always give a very attractive interest or package to attract customer but this doesn’t mean that it can neglect customer experience. What kind of era now, everyone is talking about customer experience and start focusing on it but they are still slacking behind to do customer service only. Please bare in mind, customer service and customer experience is totally different ya.

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Gaming with iPhone (Plants War & Tiny Defense)

Last time I seldom play game with my iphone because I scared that if I get addicted to games I will keep playing it or rely on the jailbreak apps to get free one. Recently I was quite boring with my iphone already, even twitter and facebook have nothing special and attractive.

I knew my brother likes game both in iphone or computer, so I ask him to introduce some interesting games to me. Ended up I get addicted to Plants War and Tiny Defense (it was introduced by another friend).

I started with Plants War, it is a strategy real-time game. Whoever played with DOTA before, they will know how this game looks like, it is exactly the same. You will see heroes, army, MP, HP, magic, self-healing, rebirth if died and etc.

I found that until certain stage I am stuck and can’t go further. One weak point about this game is that it only gives leaf to players randomly, players have no ways of earning it. The only way to get leaf faster is to purchase with real money, which I won’t be doing that (though I was addicted).


Personally, I would suggest the developer to give us a way to earn leaf rather than randomly assign to us and forces the player to use real money to buy, very soon player will move away from this game and explore some other more interesting ones, just like me.

Therefore, I have started another game called, Tiny Defense. It is a Tower Defense-type of gam, it requires planning and strategy on how to place your forces to win in each stage. Placement of the forces depends on the terrain of the ground too. So again, planning is important in the game.


This is a lot better than plants war, I can earn points to buy certain things without using real money and it is rather easy to do so. Oooppsssss… Hopefully the developer never read my blog else they are going to make it harder in the next release.

The free version can only let me play until the 3rd stage, there are another 2 more. As usual if you want to play all the stages, please pay for the full version and it costs USD2.99. If I wasn’t wrong, as long as we purchase the full version, we don’t need to use our real money to purchase “leaf” or other items in the game to proceed further. I might consider paying it since I like it so much even until the 3rd stage.

Happy gaming on iOS!!!

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Annoying SMS

Annoying SMS

I wonder did you all face this kind of person before? I think he is just too desperate to sell and earn the commission. What’s wrong with him, right? I have told him that I am not interested but he acted as if he never see my sms before and doesn’t understand English.

This is really annoying and since he is so desperate, I am going to do something now. 🙂

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Asus Padfone

I like the advertisement very much, this is what I always try to do when I am walking to train stations and to office with my iPhone but I am definitely not feeling as good as what this guy is portraying in the video unless the weather in Malaysia can be 10 degree Celsius cooler.

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I have been using for the past 2 years and with a 10GB file hosting service. The reason for me to choose to host my blog at my own file hosting site is because I want to have a better (or rather full) control over what I want to do with my blog, including the design.

During the first sign up, I remember the cost was quite cheap even for a 10GB plan, the cheap price made me decide to pick it up and host it myself.

Last year, it was the first time I got to renew the domain name and hosting service. I was shocked when I look at the bill, it was costing me RM300 for a year. RM300 is not cheap anymore and most importantly the traffic to my blog site isn’t good enough for me to cover the RM300. I did think of terminating the file hosting  but just remain the domain name. I was quite busy at that time, so I have decided to just pay the sum and get the hassle free.

Now it’s time for me to renew the domain name and file hosting service again. No promotion, no escape, it is RM300 again. Come to think of it again, why do I need to pay for it with the reasons below?

1. No high traffic to cover the cost
2. I don’t need 10GB for my files and photos.
3. Perhaps nobody cares about the site?

So this year onwards, I will move to a free blog hosting site which is and point the to No harm, right? Since is still pointing to a valid and live site. 🙂

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The other day my friend was asking me that do I know anyone selling second hand laptop but I don’t know anybody. The reason is easy because I am not google, or lowyat forum. Therefore, I suggested him to go and search in lowyat forum.

I was so busy at that time and I knew that it is not good to let a friend wait for my reply, so I chose to reply him fast and simple. Guess what? He scolded me giving him useless opinion.

What is this? Out of good will, I answered and then I get scolded for giving such a reply. If this is a joke, please, you are lame in telling one.

Oh ya, I am not going to cover the name, just let everyone knows who you are.

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The after lunch effect

Why do I always feel sleepy after lunch? I found that this is not only me but most of the people around me too, out of 10 people, 9 will tell you they are sleepy after lunch. From scientific point of view, it is something to do with our blood circulation. I understand this but is there any way of “preventing” the sleepy effect?

Some people would suggest me to take coffee or tea or smoke, I would admit that they are the most useful “chemical” (caffeine) to keep me awake but I don’t want to rely on caffeine. So I took up the next suggestions, take a walk, chat with people, read news on websites, facebook, tweeting and etc.

All the above will work except reading news, facebooking and tweeting. The more I read, the heavier my eye lids are, same goes to facebook and tweeter, I will ended up scrolling the news feed or timeline (in twitter) non stop with the hope of something interesting pop up (usually it won’t).

The effect of after smoking will keep you awake for a few minutes only before sending you back to the same condition again and it is not healthy to the environment, people around you and yourself.

As a conclusion, for fast “recovery” method, use caffeine, at least it can keep me awake for a few hours and make me hyperactive. If I know that I am going to an important meeting, top management meeting after meal, caffeine does help. Tested and proven.

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