iTunes and iOS Upgrade

When you plug in your phone and iTunes loaded. After that iTunes will check and see is there any new iOS version for your iPhone / iPod and inform you in there is one and ask you to click at the “download and upgrade” button. A lot of people did that by clicking at the “download and upgrade” button.

iTunes will now proceed to download the firmware from Apple’s website but due to network or Apple server congestion issues, people always complain that after waiting the download for hours and it is failed at the end. Some people even gave up upgrading their iOS because of this issue.

I will advice you to manually download the firmware and then ask iTunes to perform the upgrade for you. You can download the firmware from this website: Of course there are a few more websites hosting iPhone’s firmware but so far I have been using this site and the firmware is clean and original. I assume you know your device’s model such as iPhone 4, 4S, iPod which generation so please make sure you are selecting the right firmware to download.

After the download completed, launch your iTunes and make sure your iDevice is plugged in. If iTunes ask you about the firmware upgrade again, please say no to it. Go to the Summary page, you should see a “Restore” button. Press and hold the shift button and click at the “Restore” button. iTunes will now ask you to locate the firmware file (.ipsw). I assume you know where you downloaded it, so just point iTunes to the file. That’s it, you just wait for the rest of the process to be done by iTunes.

Good luck in upgrading your iOS. 🙂

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Jailbreak iPhone 4S with Absinthe

I have been using my phone for 2 months and then now only want to jailbreak it. I like the new features that come with iOS 5 and they make me dont’ feel like jailbreaking it and can still stand until today.

I was using the one and only tools called Absinthe to jailbreak my iPhone 4S and first time using Mac OS to do that.

I don’t know is it because of Mac OS or the apps itself…. I don’t have to struggle thru the way to put my phone in DFU mode. Unlike all the previous JB apps, I have to do this and sometimes successfully and sometimes no which is quite tedious. Nevertheless, I still need to do the 3rd round before I can successfully jailbreak it because it always failed at the last step.


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Why I’m not boring during CNY?


有它们陪伴着,我的新年一点都不寂寞。还有谢谢FB的朋友不断地upload照片和status,让我的新年更精彩。Doh jie. Haha…

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It rains… :)

A day after I complained about the super hot weather and posted a blog entry, it started to rain and the weather has became so cool and nice. Wow… I really never thought of it will rain at least until after chinese new year. Is my blog a wishing well? 🙂

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Super Hot Weather

Last month the weather was cool because it kept raining and I kind of like November’s weather because it rains almost every day after lunch time. During lunch time the weather, the temperature was at the highest in the day and the sun can melt everything on the ground but after a while, you will see dark cloud around and started to rain heavily. By the time the rain stopped, it was almost in the evening and the sun was almost setting.

Compare to 2 months ago with the situation now, the condition is totally different, now everyday I can see blue sky, ya, it is very good for photo shooting but the weather is super hot. I don’t feel like walking under the sun because my skin feel pain, imagine that how’s the heat.

The worst thing is my air cond is not functioning now. I don’t want to fix it yet because I might be moving to my new condo in a few months time. Therefore, I have to bare with the hot weather without air cond now.

Every morning when I wake up, I already start sweating non stop. Go out and come back from lunch also make me sweat like shit. I hate this kind of weather and that’s why I never complain when it rains even everyday.

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The Dream of Flying High

Ever since a year ago my brother came and work in KL and stay with me, I didn’t take flight back and forth Penang anymore because we would drive our car back instead.

Tonight I’m taking air Asia flight back to Penang again. Looking at the sign board on the taxi way and runway, they remind me of my dream of being a pilot, learning how to play flight simulator, reading up pilot materials and printing out the cert from flight sim. Even the purpose of changing to a faster and better performance desktop computer also because of want to have a better gaming experience in flight sim.

Later on I found out that I couldn’t install the pirated expensive plugin (see, I can’t even remember the name already) and there is no solution at the moment unless I pay for it. The price is not cheap so I have to let it go first and wait for a better solution to come in.

While waiting and waiting I have totally forgotten about it and slowly venture into another hobby which is photography.

Well, life moved on, I can’t just stay there doing nothing and wait. Maybe it’s time for me to go back to the aviation field again? At times I do ask myself do I really so into aviation? Is it a goal that I must achieve in my life? I guess my answer is YES but money is the only reason that’s pulling me back. Since I have finished paying for my car, is it time to pick it up?

p/s: I’m composing this blog while I’m at 30 over thousand feet above the sea. 🙂

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Bright smile without braces


Ever since the braces been removed, I not only like to keep looking myself at the mirror but also cam whore. Lol… Just feel that the effort, time and money spent on the orthodontics are not wasted, at least I’m satisfied with the outcome now. I have never been so vain to keep looking at the mirror and smile before but today I did it more than any other days. I think I will continue to do it more until I have get used to the “new look”. 🙂


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Online Journal

I have been looking for an online / cloud kind of diary service so that I can write my diary wherever and whenever I want by using my phones or laptop. Finally I have found it in tumblr. We can create multiple blogs under the same account and even set the blog as private and get it protected by a password. At least I feel more secure writing my diary entry here. 🙂

Glad that I found this useful tools before the start of a new year. Now I can start my journal writing right at the beginning of 2012.

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Something about my life

At times I do wonder who am I and why am I being born into this world and before this where am I, who am I as well? The feeling is just so strange, why do I have the feeling of “myself”, why I am who I am, why can’t I become another person? These are the questions that I keep asking myself since young.

When I was young, I want to grow up soonest possible and guess what? The nature, the God heard me, so they accelerate my life, with just a blink of my eyes, I was at the age of 21. Woohoo!!!… The era for 1980s babies has just started, this is our world and we were going to rule it. I was so happy because once I started to work, I can buy whatever I want and I was so free, I like the freedom and I really like it.

While enjoying the freedom given by my parents and the nature, while I was enjoying the fun time being young, I didn’t realize that I have reached at the age of 25. I was like oh gosh… can I step on the brake and stop there that I never grow further. There is no stop in life and time, everything just move as fast as it could, I don’t even have the time to catch my breathe. I started to realize that I haven’t have enough fun yet and I was at the age of 29 already. OMG… I was finding all these years, finding the brake for my life but I couldn’t find one. Does it really exist?

When I was 29, I really can’t imagine how’s the world of age 30s looks like, what should I do before entering another decade. I did cry at night, I hate myself I hate everything around me and the world, time is the most cruel thing around me, it never stop regardless how hard I pray for. God never heard me from here anymore. Ya, I still can’t accept myself stepping into a new decade.

Finally, I reached the 30th year in my life, wow… amazing, I just can’t believe it that I have been living on earth for such a long time. When people around me start asking what’s my new year resolution, I don’t know how to answer as I really don’t have one all these years and never think of setting one as well. By the time, I know what should I set for my new year resolution, I turned 31.

Now while I am composing this blog, 32 is just around the corner and waiting for me. Sigh… why would my birthdate is at the beginning of the year? Why on earth it is not at the end of the year? Last time I felt proud that my birthdate is early because I can have the privilege to get a driving license first while my fellow friends are still waiting for it.

Well… while life is still going which I can’t push at the brake to stop it, I just have to slowly accept the fact, work hard and enjoy harder too. Life goes on…

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Busy Life?

Yeah, the last month of the year is always the busiest for me, full of events and functions each weekend. For the past one month, there are ups and downs in my life and it made me no mood to write anything in my blog. Anyway, I believe after the downs, ups are waiting for me and my believe wasn’t wrong, my mood and life has become better when December starts. Thanks God.

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