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iPhone, sick of it

I am a bit sick of my iPhone already. I know it is a premium phone, a phone which a lot of people are looking for and dying for (be it you take it or leave it, this is the fact, Android fan boys). Business usually use it as an attractive prize to draw people’s attention but after using it for 3 years, I feel a bit sick of it especially when it comes to battery life.

Let’s say I am using other phone, when the battery is dead I can always change the battery by taking it out and put in a fully charged one. For iPhone, good luck, you either look for a power point and stick yourself to the wall or bring a mobile charger that makes my life more complicated and more things to bring when I need to go out for a whole day activity. Furthermore, during the charge activity, you will feel the heat from your pocket. It will definitely make me uncomfortable.

People will start telling me don’t use it too frequent but hello… you are telling me buying a smartphone and not using it just to prolong the battery life? Sorry, this is stupid, might as well I go for a dumb phone? You are telling me after paying few thousands for such a “smartphone” and then I don’t use it frequently?

Anyway, I am not an iOS nor Apple fan, I am looking into Android phones now, as long as it serves me right, I will take it. I have had enough of keep “feeding” my phone and worrying it runs out of battery when I needed it most!

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