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Don’t judge a book from its cover

Don't judge a book from its cover

There are a lot of people who like to take this kind of photo, upload and start blaming people for not giving their seats to the needed one. Before you do this, try to think further and from all angle of views, don’t judge the scene from your narrow point of view only. You don’t know the whole story and might be wrong.

Don’t judge a book from its cover, by looking at this picture doesn’t mean that lady is wrong for not giving out the seat to the elder person. There are lots of possibilities in between, the old lady might have been refuse for the seat? She prefer to squad there (might be due to mental problem?)? The lady might be a disabled person, she herself can’t even stand properly?

I take public transport to work everyday and I have came across with this kind of situation, where someone gave out a seat but the old lady refuse to take it up. When the train reach the next station, new commuters came into the train started to take photo and blame the people around her.

So the moral of the story is stop being so kay poh unless you know the whole story from the beginning til end else what should you do?

Keep your mouth shut and stop complaining / blaming people as if you are the god who knows everything.

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