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Gaming with iPhone (Plants War & Tiny Defense)

Last time I seldom play game with my iphone because I scared that if I get addicted to games I will keep playing it or rely on the jailbreak apps to get free one. Recently I was quite boring with my iphone already, even twitter and facebook have nothing special and attractive.

I knew my brother likes game both in iphone or computer, so I ask him to introduce some interesting games to me. Ended up I get addicted to Plants War and Tiny Defense (it was introduced by another friend).

I started with Plants War, it is a strategy real-time game. Whoever played with DOTA before, they will know how this game looks like, it is exactly the same. You will see heroes, army, MP, HP, magic, self-healing, rebirth if died and etc.

I found that until certain stage I am stuck and can’t go further. One weak point about this game is that it only gives leaf to players randomly, players have no ways of earning it. The only way to get leaf faster is to purchase with real money, which I won’t be doing that (though I was addicted).


Personally, I would suggest the developer to give us a way to earn leaf rather than randomly assign to us and forces the player to use real money to buy, very soon player will move away from this game and explore some other more interesting ones, just like me.

Therefore, I have started another game called, Tiny Defense. It is a Tower Defense-type of gam, it requires planning and strategy on how to place your forces to win in each stage. Placement of the forces depends on the terrain of the ground too. So again, planning is important in the game.


This is a lot better than plants war, I can earn points to buy certain things without using real money and it is rather easy to do so. Oooppsssss… Hopefully the developer never read my blog else they are going to make it harder in the next release.

The free version can only let me play until the 3rd stage, there are another 2 more. As usual if you want to play all the stages, please pay for the full version and it costs USD2.99. If I wasn’t wrong, as long as we purchase the full version, we don’t need to use our real money to purchase “leaf” or other items in the game to proceed further. I might consider paying it since I like it so much even until the 3rd stage.

Happy gaming on iOS!!!

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