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Getting a WiMAX+3G or normal 3G Phone

I have my iPhone 4S as my primary phone and I am thinking to get a secondary phone now. So the secondary phone not necessary to be too high-end and expensive.

Recently Yes 4G has launched an outdated spec and yet overpriced not-so-smart phone. Although it is not the most updated Android phone, the WiMAX + 3G enabled features that attracted me.

I know that the future trend is going to be 4G LTE and not WiMAX but for all the Telcos to support that technology, it will take a while and I am estimating another 2 years time. For the time being Yes 4G’s data network is the fastest and most reliable one compare to the rest (not many users?).

Imagine that if you are using this WiMAX phone in a crowded area such as concert, I believe you have the experience where you see a full signal strength on your phone with 3G but you just can’t use it because everyone is hogging up the bandwidth and reached the max that the communication cell tower can support. With the current trend not many users are using WiMAX, so when 3G bandwidth overloaded, you can still send and receive data over WiMAX network.

So the contradicting points are here, the Yes Eclipse is an outdated phone and don’t even know can upgrade to the latest Android 4.0 ICS or not, even can but will it run smoothly? With the very limited coverage from Yes 4G, what if it always failed over to 3G network then it will become a waste of having this WiMAX phone because I can’t really utilize it all the time. If this really happens, I will be always using 3G network, might as well get a better, cheaper but higher spec phone such as Galaxy S3, HTC One X and more of other choices?

Friends told me to go for another solution, get a non-WiMAX phone, pair it with Yes huddle then I can enjoy the best things from both side of the world, bring the huddle to crowded places too. Hahahaha…. Good solution also, right? Most importantly, I am not always going to concert and crowded places like this. :p

Argh… I am in dilemma now… should I get a Samsung Galaxy S2 or Yes Eclipse.

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