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Public Bank is completely hopeless

I don’t understand why every time when I visit Public Bank they will sure ask me to go back to home branch. If things can only be settled with the home branch, then still open so many branches for what? The most funny thing is that even the Menara Public Bank (near KLCC), which is the main branch also can’t get my problem solved and ask me to go back to my home branch. This is ridiculous and stupid.

First, I found that after a long time didn’t login to the e-banking, the user id and password has been purged (according to the customer service) and I can’t activate it again with a phone call, need to walk in to the bank. So one fine day, I walked into a Public Bank branch that’s near to me. Taken the number and waited for a good 45 mins, the counter girl told me they can’t reactivate the e-banking account without a passbook, I need to bring it, she insisted. I don’t understand again, I have my IC with me, why can’t I use my IC to proof that I am the owner of the account, furthermore, IC got photo, passbook don’t have and IC is one of the most secure document in the world (as claimed by my beloved government).

Taken the passbook and went back to the bank, as usual waited for another hour and I have been told that I can only do this at my home branch, just can’t do it in any branch. Epic, I am requesting an e-banking account only and it took me so much hassles compare to other banks.

Now after taken my e-banking account, I happily login and found that my housing loan account wasn’t linked in the system. So I proceeded to the main branch where it is near to KLCC because it is near to my work place, I can’t afford to take leave just to settle this minor matter.

After taking all the efforts, walked all the way from KLCC to Menara Public Bank and sweat like hell, waited for another hour, they told me I can only make this request in my home branch. AGAIN! GO BACK TO YOUR HOME BRANCH. 

Another case from my friend, the address registered in his IC is in another state and he walked in to a branch in KL to open an account. Listen carefully, this is a new account (means new customer) coming in. Guess what? After looking at the address, the counter girl ask my friend to go back to his hometown in order to open an account.

I actually started to wonder, jobs in Public Bank should be pretty easy, right? Everything also you ask the customer to go back to the home branch. There must be a lot of good Tai Chi master working in Public Bank then. 

When you ask them why everything needs to go back to home branch and the super “STANDARD” answer is “this is an instruction from Bank Negara”. Muacks! I super like it, so next time when I don’t want to do certain things, I will tell you, this is an order from Bank Negara! Perfect!!!

I know I know I know, Public Bank always give a very attractive interest or package to attract customer but this doesn’t mean that it can neglect customer experience. What kind of era now, everyone is talking about customer experience and start focusing on it but they are still slacking behind to do customer service only. Please bare in mind, customer service and customer experience is totally different ya.

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