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The after lunch effect

Why do I always feel sleepy after lunch? I found that this is not only me but most of the people around me too, out of 10 people, 9 will tell you they are sleepy after lunch. From scientific point of view, it is something to do with our blood circulation. I understand this but is there any way of “preventing” the sleepy effect?

Some people would suggest me to take coffee or tea or smoke, I would admit that they are the most useful “chemical” (caffeine) to keep me awake but I don’t want to rely on caffeine. So I took up the next suggestions, take a walk, chat with people, read news on websites, facebook, tweeting and etc.

All the above will work except reading news, facebooking and tweeting. The more I read, the heavier my eye lids are, same goes to facebook and tweeter, I will ended up scrolling the news feed or timeline (in twitter) non stop with the hope of something interesting pop up (usually it won’t).

The effect of after smoking will keep you awake for a few minutes only before sending you back to the same condition again and it is not healthy to the environment, people around you and yourself.

As a conclusion, for fast “recovery” method, use caffeine, at least it can keep me awake for a few hours and make me hyperactive. If I know that I am going to an important meeting, top management meeting after meal, caffeine does help. Tested and┬áproven.

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