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Project 365 – Day 57 – iPad

2010 08 11 - Day 57

The other day my friend brought his newly bought iPad to the office and I got the chance to touch on it and of course try it out. The feeling was so great while playing with this “giant iPhone”. Yes, I called it giant iPhone because it looked exactly the same as iPhone but under a magnifying glass.


OK, that’s the physical outlook but it is also running with iOS, so what’s the different with iPhone? OK, here you go, with iPhone, you can send and receive sms/mms and calls but iPad just can’t do this. There are 2 models of iPad in the market, one with wifi only and the other one came with wifi + broadband.


It is a good device for you to play games and do some readings but I don’t find it convenient to carry around. I will still say an iPhone better than it.

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