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Why whatsapp is so yesterday?

When whatsapp is launched, everybody is talking about it and suddenly it became so popular and famous to an extend that in some companies, they use it to create a group chat to discuss things about work. At that time, whatsapp’s tagline was “SMS is so last century”, I agree with it but not now.

Today, I would say whatsapp is so yesterday and these are the reasons why:
1. There are only a few notification tones for users to choose.
2. Cannot set different tones for different sender.
3. Cannot “pre-download” messages.
4. No PC apps.

So my suggestion is to as below:
1. Let user upload and choose custom notification tones.
2. iOS already enable user to set custom notification tone for different sender.
3. iMessage already pre-downloading message.
4. LINE and facebook messenger apps already have a desktop version. It will be easier for users to chat via a normal computer keyboard than squeezing our fingers on the small touch screen. Just more convenient.
5. Some telcos support multi-sim ONE line, so you should allow us to have one number registered on 2 whatsapp on different devices.

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Facebook Apps v3.5 for iPhone

There is a new release of the facebook apps (version 3.5) for iPhone with some bugs fix. As you can read from the screen capture below, what are the bugs they have fixed it.


FB Apps Updates


As usual after each release of facebook apps, it will never fix certain bugs and in fact introduce more errors. Take a look at the screen shot below, some users (yes, only to some users) saw 2 same photos icon on the screen.

FB Apps Icons

The only solution is to delete it and install again from Apps Store. If you still can’t get this resolve and you have jailbroken your phone, congratz… please go to installous and download the previous version.


The most significant upgrade is the status update interface. If you do use some twitter apps, the interface looks like it which is good. Now the interface comes with more features (not just plain text like last time) such as tagging / mentioning friends, set your location and etc. See the screen shot below.


FB Apps Status


You can also “like” people’s comments which you can’t find this in the previous apps.


Please be warned that if you do use the face forward patch in iPad, please do not upgrade this apps because the patch will make the application freeze. You might want to wait for the face forward developer to come out a new version or wait until FB officially release it for iPad. I think only God knows when is this going to happen.

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Recently I found a cool software from App Store and I have decided to share with all of my friends and readers here.


Some of you might light the emo effect buy lazy to use adobe photoshop to do it and in fact looking for an instant solution, so you go for some lomo apps (some even are paid) such as morelomo and etc. I found that those apps are quite restricted and that’s why I have stopped playing with lomo effect until I come across this apps called instagram.


As you can see from the screen shot, it can make several lomo effect and the coolest thing is, you can upload to instagram itself and share it out to FB, twitter, flickr, tumblr and so on. It has it’s own time line that enable you to see what your friends have posted, share your thoughts on the photo or simply click the like button.


It is a lomo effect creator and also integrated with a social network capabilities. Go download it from App Store and it is absolutely FREE. Remember to add / follow me (I will follow back) via the apps. See you there. 🙂

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