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Problems with a Jailbroken iPhone

People keep asking me why do I want to unjailbreak my phone and bring it back to the original iOS 6.1.

The intention for me to jail break an iphone is to install tweaks and free paid apps (cracked apps) and I think this is also the intention of all those who jail break their iphones.

Before going to the disadvantage of jail breaking, let me tell you, you can still install cracked apps into your iphone by using PP Zhu Shou (助手). YES, you heard me? WITHOUT jail breaking and you can install cracked apps, so you have to "update" your mindset now. Jail broken an iPhone doesn’t mean you can always get all the apps free.

Now let me list out the disadvantage after jail breaking:
1. You can’t do a remote erase in case your iphone is stolen or missing.
2. You can’t do over-the-air update of your iOS. You can only use back the traditional method which is via iTunes.
3. Not all the tweaks from Cydia are stable. Most of them slow down your system and make it unstable.
4. Most of the good / useful tweaks from Cydia are NOT FREE, you still need to pay for it.
5. With the shutdown of installous and Hackulous, the so called replacement is "iFanBox" (China made apps).
6. Can hardly download apps from iFanBox and PP助手, the connection is super slow.

1. Remote Erase
Touch wood, you don’t need to use this function day in day out but it will become useful when your iphone is missing or get stolen. I believe you don’t want your friends and your personal data to be leaked out, right? Especially photos and contact numbers.

2. Update iOS over-the-air
Means you can upgrade your iOS version via the phone itself, you don’t need to plug into iTunes. Sound like a lot easier than those complicated steps by using iTunes, right? Which is true. You can’t do this anymore after jail breaking because they disable this ability (although you still see a red badge telling you there’s an update). It won’t work after you tap on the install update button.

3. Tweaks
Usually changing how the system performs or behaves will need more processing power and indirectly draining more battery and you will start to complain your phone running slow and battery usage is like drinking water.

4. Cydia Apps
A lot of useful and yet powerful apps from Cydia need to be paid as well such as mywi, my3g, icontrol (if you want to know what are these, please ask Google) and so on. You can still add other sources to download the cracked tweaks but some of them are not up-to-date and can’t use in your current iOS version or caused instability to your phone.

5. iFanBox is a china made apps and of course the primary language used in the apps is Chinese and most of the apps displayed to you are also in chinese version. If you know Chinese by all means go ahead to utilize your knowledge with the apps. Don’t forget that I can still use PP助手 to download and install illegal / cracked apps WITHOUT jail breaking.

6. I don’t know is it Malaysia’s network only or China purposely make it this way, it is super duper slow to download files from China. So same goes to when you want to download apps from iFanBox and PP助手. Means you can see but can’t use. Then I jailbreak for what? =.=

So what’s the point of jail breaking, can’t get things free but make your iphone suffer. 😦

I don’t know but all these depend on individual, if you like to make your iphone fancy, "powerful" and more unique perhaps so by all means go ahead to jail break. If you want something simple and nice, better stick to what Apple has done for you. No offense to jail break supporters. I was a fan of jail breaking but not now anymore as iOS progresses and updates, it is getting more and more user friendly and useful, although still can’t toggle some switches from the pull down notification center, at least Apple brings it out at the top and front page in the settings apps.

So the choice is still on your hands, use it wisely and enjoy the jail broken / original iOS. 🙂

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iPhone, sick of it

I am a bit sick of my iPhone already. I know it is a premium phone, a phone which a lot of people are looking for and dying for (be it you take it or leave it, this is the fact, Android fan boys). Business usually use it as an attractive prize to draw people’s attention but after using it for 3 years, I feel a bit sick of it especially when it comes to battery life.

Let’s say I am using other phone, when the battery is dead I can always change the battery by taking it out and put in a fully charged one. For iPhone, good luck, you either look for a power point and stick yourself to the wall or bring a mobile charger that makes my life more complicated and more things to bring when I need to go out for a whole day activity. Furthermore, during the charge activity, you will feel the heat from your pocket. It will definitely make me uncomfortable.

People will start telling me don’t use it too frequent but hello… you are telling me buying a smartphone and not using it just to prolong the battery life? Sorry, this is stupid, might as well I go for a dumb phone? You are telling me after paying few thousands for such a “smartphone” and then I don’t use it frequently?

Anyway, I am not an iOS nor Apple fan, I am looking into Android phones now, as long as it serves me right, I will take it. I have had enough of keep “feeding” my phone and worrying it runs out of battery when I needed it most!

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Gaming with iPhone (Plants War & Tiny Defense)

Last time I seldom play game with my iphone because I scared that if I get addicted to games I will keep playing it or rely on the jailbreak apps to get free one. Recently I was quite boring with my iphone already, even twitter and facebook have nothing special and attractive.

I knew my brother likes game both in iphone or computer, so I ask him to introduce some interesting games to me. Ended up I get addicted to Plants War and Tiny Defense (it was introduced by another friend).

I started with Plants War, it is a strategy real-time game. Whoever played with DOTA before, they will know how this game looks like, it is exactly the same. You will see heroes, army, MP, HP, magic, self-healing, rebirth if died and etc.

I found that until certain stage I am stuck and can’t go further. One weak point about this game is that it only gives leaf to players randomly, players have no ways of earning it. The only way to get leaf faster is to purchase with real money, which I won’t be doing that (though I was addicted).


Personally, I would suggest the developer to give us a way to earn leaf rather than randomly assign to us and forces the player to use real money to buy, very soon player will move away from this game and explore some other more interesting ones, just like me.

Therefore, I have started another game called, Tiny Defense. It is a Tower Defense-type of gam, it requires planning and strategy on how to place your forces to win in each stage. Placement of the forces depends on the terrain of the ground too. So again, planning is important in the game.


This is a lot better than plants war, I can earn points to buy certain things without using real money and it is rather easy to do so. Oooppsssss… Hopefully the developer never read my blog else they are going to make it harder in the next release.

The free version can only let me play until the 3rd stage, there are another 2 more. As usual if you want to play all the stages, please pay for the full version and it costs USD2.99. If I wasn’t wrong, as long as we purchase the full version, we don’t need to use our real money to purchase “leaf” or other items in the game to proceed further. I might consider paying it since I like it so much even until the 3rd stage.

Happy gaming on iOS!!!

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Facebook Apps v3.5 for iPhone

There is a new release of the facebook apps (version 3.5) for iPhone with some bugs fix. As you can read from the screen capture below, what are the bugs they have fixed it.


FB Apps Updates


As usual after each release of facebook apps, it will never fix certain bugs and in fact introduce more errors. Take a look at the screen shot below, some users (yes, only to some users) saw 2 same photos icon on the screen.

FB Apps Icons

The only solution is to delete it and install again from Apps Store. If you still can’t get this resolve and you have jailbroken your phone, congratz… please go to installous and download the previous version.


The most significant upgrade is the status update interface. If you do use some twitter apps, the interface looks like it which is good. Now the interface comes with more features (not just plain text like last time) such as tagging / mentioning friends, set your location and etc. See the screen shot below.


FB Apps Status


You can also “like” people’s comments which you can’t find this in the previous apps.


Please be warned that if you do use the face forward patch in iPad, please do not upgrade this apps because the patch will make the application freeze. You might want to wait for the face forward developer to come out a new version or wait until FB officially release it for iPad. I think only God knows when is this going to happen.

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Project 365 – Day 58 – iPhone Casing


My devil iPhone casing. It is so cute, like it so much.

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Project 365 – Day 57 – iPad

2010 08 11 - Day 57

The other day my friend brought his newly bought iPad to the office and I got the chance to touch on it and of course try it out. The feeling was so great while playing with this “giant iPhone”. Yes, I called it giant iPhone because it looked exactly the same as iPhone but under a magnifying glass.


OK, that’s the physical outlook but it is also running with iOS, so what’s the different with iPhone? OK, here you go, with iPhone, you can send and receive sms/mms and calls but iPad just can’t do this. There are 2 models of iPad in the market, one with wifi only and the other one came with wifi + broadband.


It is a good device for you to play games and do some readings but I don’t find it convenient to carry around. I will still say an iPhone better than it.

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Project 365 – Day 18 – Upgrading iPhone IPSW

_DSC3160 copy 

A lot of friends was asking me why I am not going out today because this is Saturday and now this is the reason, I am upgrading the IPSW of my iPhone. I purposely plan the whole day for it and I really used up the day before I went out for dinner.


Not to scare you guys, I took such a long time in updating it because I was trying to jailbreak it and there are lots of technical and complicated steps involved. At the end, luck wasn’t with me, I couldn’t jailbreak it. Anyway, I am still happy and enjoying the original IPSW verison 4.0.


By the way, IPSW means iPhone Software, it is the OS (operating system) of the device.

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