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I think one of the recent this apps isn’t as famous as whatsapp or other messenger is because of the name.

For example people like to ask for contact number in a not-so-straight-forward way by asking whether can chat in whatsapp or not. When I come to this I will tell that fella I am using line or I only have line and even providing my ID. The frequent reply that I got is “yeah, I know you have line but if you don’t give me your number, how do I contact you” or “Contact number please else how to SMS you”. Stupid!

At first I don’t understand why they reply something not related. Later on only I found out that they actually thought the “line” I was saying here was referring to a PHONE LINE…. OMfG….

I cannot blame everyone for not knowing what it is but since those who are active in social network tools should know it. If you don’t know, please ask what is “line” and DO NOT ACT SMART!

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