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Bad or Broken English?

Last time I keep seeing people post about some broken English messages and I thought they purposely write it up and do the posting until recently I have received a few of them then only I realize that this is real.

Let me share with you the incidents that I have gone through:

First case:

This message was sent by a property agent who was looking for houses for his/her customer. Seriously, after reading the message, I can only understand half of it and if I really want to sell my house, I will contact other agents instead.


Wrong spelling, tell me what is disturd?

Second case:

Hello there .!
I’m dani mix local kl .
Good news for u I’m provide real n pure massage skill,
If u really need for relaksing body and pain u body I can try the best
too u do massage .:-)

No for sex  !
If u want my service massage And more info text me here .if u don’t
want just leave this message .

Provide Massage tradisional mly skill and relaksing skill for whole
body one hours price ~rm80~
Outcall it’s charge for transport going u place ,depends charge from
my place go u area .
Cheers TQ…… 🙂

Not bad la… at least I can still understand his England but really powderful until I have to read a few times only can understand, maybe this is a technique to draw your attention?

I don’t want to pay to “pain” my body and “from my place go u area” … fuiyoh! I like this very much.

Third case:
Friend: Hi mind to be fren? R u play photography?
Me: I are play photography (someone taught me to reply in such an epic way also)
Friend: Pooh…great! Coz I am love into photography too.
Me: I am photography part time only (I am trying to reply in bad English)
Friend: Just le Fren.. I am just take photo as my hobby.

OK, I gave up chatting with him. I think I have something better to do than wasting time with this person.

Fourth case (the most epic one):

I thought my English was bad so I sent it out to my friends and see they can understand or not. After getting all the replies from my friends, the conclusion is no one could understand what is she/he trying to tell. Epic failed.

I understand that not everyone is good in their 2nd language (or even 3rd) but at least ask someone to draft it properly before broadcasting it to everyone. At least people can understand the first message that they receive and give the receiver a better impression on you.

Came across this news ( and I still cannot understand how memorizing words in English dictionary can help to achieve high score in English. Memorizing words from dictionary can only help you in improving your vocabulary but I wonder how it helps in grammar and constructing a proper sentence.

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